• AMVETS Post 180

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  • American Legion Post 125

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  • Veterans of Foriegn Wars Post 125

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Welcome to the Princeton Veteran's Organization Website!

The Princeton Veteran's Organization is dedicated to supporting veterans and active military personnel, providing community services and preserving freedom. The Princeton Veteran's Organization consists of AMVETS Post #180, American Legion Post #125 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4323 and includes in it's membership both wartime and peacetime military veterans who seek to continue their service to our nation and community following their military careers.

Every day, our members take part in fundraising efforts for both community and military organizations, provide honor guards while remembering veterans no longer with us, as well as providing support and guidance to those young Soldier, Sailors, Airmen and Marines returning from our nation's current conflicts. Among our cadre, you will find individuals with a profound sense of duty to both our nation and her citizens, an unequivocal patriotic respect for the Flag of the United States, including all that it symbolizes, and an unquestioned willingness to offer support to those few who have selflessly made the sacrifice to stand up in the defense of this nation, it's ideals and our allies.

If you find yourself sharing many of these core beliefs, you are a veteran or current member of the US Military, and you wish to continue in the spirit of your military service by exercising your sense of duty within our community, we would be honored for you to join our ranks. You have certainly earned this right.

While membership to each of our veteran's organizations requires it's own individual membership criteria, one or several are sure to match you military service background. If you are interested in joining the Princeton AMVETS, American Legion or the VFW posts, more information can be found by following each post's links. Membership requirements, meeting times, post leadership, contact information as well as other post information is provided. We look forward to meeting you!